Spring Training in Phoenix area of Arizona Excursion -
a Real Feast for All Baseball Lovers!

May , 2017

Posted by Katherine Garber

What could be a better present for a real lover of baseball than getting on an exciting baseball road trip during spring training in Arizona? If you're looking for a great experience, do not hesitate to buy this comprehensive ideal excursion to see baseball spring training in the Phoenix area of Arizona.

You will have a unique opportunity to witness several major league teams training in the vicinity. And the distance between locations will take you just an hour or so to cover. We have collected some useful facts and tips for you to help you make the most from your trip to spring training in Arizona!

Why is the Phoenix Area Considered to be a Baseball Spring Training Mecca?

In one respect the Phoenix area is considered to be very much like Florida: it has become popular as a house for headquarters of spring baseball trainings. But on the contrary to Florida spring training in Arizona offers some advantages to lovers of baseball. That is because the suburbs surrounding Phoenix (where the training sessions take place) are much better situated for getting around and easier navigation brings fourth much more satisfying experience for visiting baseball fans. An interested lover of baseball is able to cover more than a dozen training ballparks within one hour - to see the training session of the major baseball teams and leagues.

Arizona became a popular area for spring baseball training several decades ago, but recently teams from Florida have demonstrated increased interest in this training location too. With each year more and more Florida teams come to Arizona for spring trainings. It is easy to explain: it takes teams less time to commute from stadium to stadium; so more time is left for other aspects of preparing for another gaming season. So it is no wonder that such teams as the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds, and Cleveland Indians now give preference to Phoenix, Arizona instead of Florida for their seasonal training purposes.

Another serious advantage that attracts baseball teams to Phoenix is the very cosmopolitan nature of that city. It offers ample possibilities of various entertainments and pastime options, especially in such spectacular locations as Scottsdale and Glendale. The month of March is the most magical time for desert landscape, everything is in bloom, and because of that there are plenty of possibilities to pass the time outdoors. The weather is 100% sunny, but there is no oppressive heat yet, the temperature is pleasantly warm.

Special Advantages for Travelers

The closeness of the locations where the spring baseball training is taking place is one of the most attractive advantages that inspire people to set off on the road to Phoenix area in spring. Another important advantage is the size of the local stadiums. On the average they are smaller than usual and can accommodate about 10- 12,000 spectators. The smaller size of the stadiums makes it much easier for autograph enthusiasts to get what they need.

The stadium seats are located closer to baseball ground too. Just imagine an opportunity to witness the training from convenient closeness of your stadium seat, so you can clearly hear the dialogs of the players at their positions and even interact with them, since the pleasant sunny weather and general friendly and relaxed atmosphere makes all baseball players much more in the mood for interaction with their fans.

Some Useful Tips for Visitors of Spring Training in Phoenix

Usually the first question people ask is about necessity to book the tickets beforehand. As a rule there is no need for that, though there might be some exceptions. For instance there might be difficulties with getting tickets for games of popular teams, especially on weekends. Another consideration to be taken into account is the time - in the end of the month of March more and more people come to the stadiums to watch the games of star players, since during this period of March regular major league players get into systematic playing schedule. On the other hand even the games of early Mach are of great interest for hardened baseball fans, and during that period the tickets are available in plenty. By the way, attending the games of early March a baseball fan has a chance to become familiar with some promising young baseball players who may become future baseball stars!

Though for the most part there is no need to book the tickets for games the situation is quite contrary with hotel rooms and car rentals. Remember to take care of your reservations at least one month ahead. In spring Arizona is a very popular place for vacationers of all kinds, not only those travelling to attend baseball spring training games. If you do not reserve hotels and car rentals in time you risk ending up without means of transportation or a place to live!

One final piece of advice: do some research into the location you are going to, to learn about best restaurants or places of interest to visit. People in Arizona are well-known for their openness and friendliness to newcomers, so do not be shy to ask locals about their favorite places to visit. It will add a nice flavor of little adventure to your spring baseball training trip to Arizona!